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Main Street Pet Care - Joplin, MO - Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic

We started offering our low cost spays and neuters in March of 2008 due to the overwhelming numbers of puppies and kittens that were being euthanized at our local shelters. We saw a need for this service in the area and are proud to offer it in an effort to help take care of God’s planet and reduce the killing. Although we have drastically decreased the cost of our spays and neuters, we have not reduced the quality or quantity of the medications or care that your pet receives. Currently our prices for this service are less than it costs to provide them, and we will continue to provide this service until the euthanasia rate is minimized. Please tell your friends about this service.

Each pet that comes to our clinic for surgery is evaluated for good health and then given a narcotic pain medication and a sedative to help ease any anxiety and calm them. We use the safest drugs and anesthesia available for your pets. Each pet is monitored closely under anesthesia by our trained staff
members and by EKG, Blood Pressure, End Tidal Carbon Dioxide, and Temperature monitors. Mechanical Ventilators are used where needed.

When comparing prices on spay/neuter surgery, be sure to ask if narcotic pain medications and anti-anxiety medications are used. If they are not being used, the prices are often less, but your pet experiences much more pain and anxiety.

We send home all dogs with pain medications. We send home pain medications for cats when they can safely be given and as they are available. If pain becomes an issue for your feline friend, we can certainly address this issue and give medications at our clinic to make them comfortable.

To get the most benefit from spaying/neutering your pet, we recommend performing this operation before six months of age.

We typically offer our low cost spays and neuters on Wednesdays of every week. This schedule may change at times due to Holidays or our doctors’ schedules. Please call 417-782-PETS (7387) for an appointment.

Spay and Neuter Pricing
Cats Dogs
Spay $58 Spay (under 40 lbs) $64
Neuter $41 Spay (40-60 lbs) $75
Spay (60-90 lbs) $126
Spay (> 90 lbs) $157
Neuter (under 40 lbs) $51
Neuter (40-60 lbs) $64
Neuter (over 60 lbs) $75

Prices are subject to change, please call 417-782-7387 to verify current price.

We require that all pets be up to date on their Rabies Vaccination. If your pet has not had one or you cannot provide proof of a current Rabies vaccination from a Veterinarian we can administer one while they are here for surgery at an additional cost. We strongly recommend all basic vaccines for all animals in addition to the Rabies vaccination. Information is provided at check in.

Please be advised that there may be an extra charge if your pet is in heat, pregnant, has a hernia, or has undescended testicles. These costs can be discussed with you when you call for an appointment.